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Airborne Fit deliver an extensive class timetable that is sure to have something to meet your needs. With classes ranging from Strength & Conditioning, Boxfit and KettleClub to Yoga, Pilates, Family Fit and classes for the over 60s, we are here to help you on your fitness journey.

We offer pay as you go options as well as unlimited class memberships.


Call our reception team on 01473 527 414 and they will be more than happy to help.

Class Location

    Unit 24, Brightwell Barns,
    Ipswich Rd,
    IP10 0BJ

What are you looking for?

Relaxed vibe & Stretch
Strength & Recovery
High Intensity
Family, Children, Pre & Post Natal
Airborne Seniors
A man and two women in Airborne Fit sportswear lifting weight at the gym in Brightwell

Our Classes


06:15 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ
17:00 Foundation to Fitness Zoom
18:15 Mobility Zoom
18:15 Car Park Class Brightwell HQ
19:30 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ


06:15 Strength HIIT Brightwell HQ
07:00 Airborne Triple A Zoom
09:30 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ
18:15 Kettlebell Klub Brightwell HQ
19:30 Kettlebell Klub Brightwell HQ


06:15 Strength & Mobility Brightwell HQ
07:00 Bodyweight Blitz Zoom
09:45 Pilates Brightwell HQ
12:00 Airborne Over 60s Zoom
18:15 Airborne Triple A Brightwell HQ
18:15 Car Park Class Brightwell HQ
19:30 Strength & Conditioning Brightwell HQ


06:15 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ
07:00 Bodyweight Blitz Zoom
09:30 Strength & Mobility Brightwell HQ
18:15 Strength HIIT Brightwell HQ
18:15 Yoga Zoom
19:30 Strength HIIT Brightwell HQ


06:15 Kettlebell+ Brightwell HQ
18:15 HIIT & Mobility Brightwell HQ


06:30 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ
07:45 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ
09:00 Airborne Fit+ Brightwell HQ


07:30 Strength HIIT Brightwell HQ
09:00 Strength HIIT Brightwell HQ

Relaxed Vibe & Stretch


  • ZOOM

  • Mondays: 18:15

Are you giving enough attention to your mobility and flexibility? The perfect compliment to your harder workouts during the week, this focussed stretching session will help you move pain-free, prevent injuries, increase your range of motion and put you in a totally relaxed state of mind.


  • ZOOM

  • Thursdays: 18:15

Tish guides a powerful yet loving practice, helping you unwind from the day’s stresses and build strength and flexibility through your joints and muscles. Take time during a busy week to be present and form a stronger connection with your breathing.



  • Thursday Mornings

This engaging 45 minute online class with Rosie is uploaded every Thursday morning to our Airborne Fit YouTube channel for you to do anywhere at a time that suits you. Pilates is hugely beneficial for both your body and mind. Pilates is for everyone. No matter if you’re strong or less mobile, young or old, male or female. You will create strength in the deep, stabilising muscles of your core, supporting functional movements for daily life and complimenting any form of training. The session releases tension and focuses your mind. Each exercise you perform can be adapted, broken down and performed to suit your body and needs.


Strength & Recovery

Strength HIIT


  • Tuesdays: 06:15
    Thursdays: 19:30
    Sundays: 07:30, 09:00

The best of both worlds, this class is split in two halves. Start off slow and controlled to build your strength by keeping your muscles under tension with weighted moves. The second part sees you tackle a fiery conditioning number to boost your fitness and finish the session on a real high.

Airborne Abs, A** & Arms

  • ZOOM

  • Tuesdays: 07:00
    Wednesdays: 18:15

A class dedicated to focussing on isolating three specific areas of your body; your core, glutes and the biceps and triceps that make up your arms. You’ll work through specific moves at a slow tempo to strengthen and create definition in key muscles to help you build a body to be proud of. A gentle legs, bums and tums class this is not!

Strength & Mobility


  • Wednesdays: 06:15
    Thursdays: 09:30

Take a 360 approach to your workouts by focussing on two crucial elements of fitness, strength and mobility. The perfect compliment for each other, the class starts with dynamic mobility moves, before progressing into full-body strength work and finishes with static stretching drills. Your one-stop shop for moving pain-free and improving performance.

Strength & Conditioning


  • Wednesdays: 19:30

This weekly evening class with Sarah is designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercises. The aim of the class is to promote good quality movement and correct technique that can transfer over to other areas of your training and fitness hobbies. As a result of strength and conditioning work you will help prevent injury, enhance your mood, have the ability to move better, increase your fitness levels and all-in-all become a better version of yourself.


High Intensity



  • Mondays: 06:15, 19:30
    Thursdays: 06:15
    Saturdays: 06:30, 07:45, 09:00

Throughout this signature Airborne sweat session, you’ll move from one exercise to the next with minimal rest. Because of this relentless intensity in a fit+ class, your body has no choice but to adapt, overcome and become fitter and stronger in the process.



  • Mondays: 18:15
    Wednesdays: 18:15

Fresh air and fitness, a winning combination to end your day feeling amazing! We’re taking our signature Airborne sweat session outside! After a day at work, this is exactly what your body needs. Be prepared to take on this no-nonsense, high-intensity class that blends testing bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell circuits with short, sharp shuttle runs. Car park class attendees, start your engines!


  • ZOOM

  • Tuesdays: 18:15
    Wednesdays: 07:00
    Thursdays: 07:00

Our popular, virtual high-intensity class brings the infectious Airborne energy and community spirit into your home morning and evening. There can be no excuses to not GET IT DONE as this mood-boosting home workout requires no equipment, just the willingness to give it everything and work hard. See you on screen!



  • Tuesdays: 19:30
    Fridays: 06.15

The kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of kit well worth getting to grips with and dedicating the time to. Covering all fundamental movement patterns such as pulling, pushing, squatting and hinging, this full-body workout will transform your fitness levels and muscle definition.



  • Fridays: 18:15

Our sweat and stretch class for those moments when are body craves movement in some capacity, but needs a rest from more challenging weights. Half of the session revolves around increasing the range of motion at your joints, while the other half concentrates on building just enough intensity to flush out muscle soreness and release those feel-good exercise endorphins.


Family, Children, Pre & Post Natal

Airborne Foundation to Fitness

  • ZOOM

  • Mondays: 17:00

This 45 minute class run by our superstar teens instructor Nicki is a fun, energetic session for youngsters aged 10-16yrs. Whether your child is eager to get into the gym and doesn’t know where to start or you simply want to see them fitter, healthier and happier committing to at least one fitness session a week, Foundation To Fitness is here for all. The small group nature of the Zoom class means your child receives close guidance and support, in which they’ll learn about key movement patterns to help them become stronger as they grow up.


Airborne Seniors

Airborne Over 60s

  • ZOOM

  • Wednesdays: 12:00

This popular 45 minute class led by Michael is a hit with the older generation looking to stay fit from the comfort of their own home. It will improve your flexibility, aerobic health, balance, strength and energy levels. All exercises are performed with just your bodyweight. It’s low-impact and every move can be adapted to meet your needs and ability level. The virtual class is just £6 a session to paid via BACS.


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