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Airborne Fit was created whilst founder Luke Read was serving as a Para in Afghanistan. It came about through his love of fitness and the feeling of belonging, camaraderie and the unbreakable bond that is only truly felt by those serving their country.  The concept is reflected in the logo which incorporates the Parachute Regiment badge and American wings, alongside a star representing lost friends.


Upon leaving the army Luke pursued his ambition to work as a Personal Trainer and wanted to bring this feeling of support and togetherness to his clients, knowing that if he could do this, it would enable them to thrive and achieve their fitness goals.  And so, Airborne Fit as we know and love it today was born.  Airborne Fit is open to all and its ethos is all about members coming together to motivate, encourage and support each other to succeed, just as Luke and his regiment did on the front line.  Together Airborne Fit members become Fitter. Faster. Stronger. That’s the Airborne way. 

our founder

Luke Read

Founder & Director

Following 8 years serving in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Luke left the army with his personal training qualifications and a keen interest in health and fitness.

Naturally, Luke began work as a gym instructor, and whilst working as such he expanded his personal training services to gym members and began running Airborne Fit classes.

Luke offers PT and runs many of our classes. He loves nothing more than to see his clients progress on their fitness journeys and he is most at home in one of our gyms motivating members to push their limits and smash their fitness goals. Rgr that!




Andrew met Luke three years ago when he started personal training with him.  Andrew soon noticed dramatic improvements in his fitness which has led to him completing some amazing events including the London Marathon, The National Three Peaks Challenge, The Whole Hog and Insane Terrain (which he completed in under an hour!) to name but a few! 

As a successful businessman in his own right, Andrew saw in Luke a genuine gift for motivating people to achieve and exceed their fitness goals and bring together groups of people from a variety of backgrounds to train together and create a sense of togetherness that is rarely evident in the fast paced world that we live in.

It is these qualities that have led to Andrew becoming the principal investor in Airborne Fit. He will mentor Luke on the business aspects of running a company and use his expertise to help develop Airborne Fit into a truly inclusive fitness business that helps thousands of people make positive changes to their lives and the lives of those surrounding them.



Sarah has enjoyed being a member of Airborne Fit for over three years now.  Attending classes every week and taking part in many of the challenges hosted by Airborne including The Whole Hog, Insane Terrain, The National 3 Peaks Challenge and most recently The Welsh 3000s.

It was during training for the 3 Peaks Challenge in 2016 that Sarah started working with Luke, using her background in Finance and Marketing to help him grow the business.  Having experienced the benefits of Airborne for herself, its ethos and values are something that she truly believes in and she is keen to work with Luke and the team to bring Airborne to as many people as possible so they too can reap the rewards.


Gym Manager

Ellie has a wealth of experience in front of house and administration in the fitness and leisure industry. It is her job to ensure the smooth operation of Airborne Fit.  You will mostly find her in reception, on hand for any queries you may have. Ellie loves watching members achieve their goals and knowing that the Airborne team had a helping hand in that. She is a firm believer that motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. 


Front of House

Kathy has been a member of Airborne for nearly three years. Prior to this she had never been to a gym or run in her life. Since joining Airborne she has done a parachute jump, run two half marathons, completed the Whole hog and took part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge together with 13 members of Airborne. These are challenges she never thought possible, especially as she has two young children. The encouragement and support received from the Airborne team gave her the confidence to push herself to her limits. She has seen first-hand how this approach to fitness works and how people are more likely to succeed in their goals. The ethos that underpins Airborne is exactly why she loves being part of the team!


Front of House

Nicki has attended the classes from pretty much the beginning. Never-ending burpees and HIIT sessions that challenged and pushed her – it was hard not to get hooked on the buzz.

Nicki has taken part in many challenges organised by Airborne Fit and some she never thought she’d do. She was not one to get muddy but has since taken part in three Boss Hog events, Insane Terrain, the Woodbridge 10k and the Colchester Half. This year she completed the Brighton Marathon in under 4hrs – such a massive achievement. 

Nicki’s fitness industry came from here, and now is currently studying to become a children’s fitness instructor. Watch this space for ‘mini’ Airborne classes starting in the New Year.


Sports Massage Therapist

Charlotte has recently graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Sports Therapy. Having worked in private clinics, at tough mudder events, with players at grass-roots and professional level sport she is keen to build upon and stretch her knowledge with those she sees at Airborne Fit.

Recovery is just as important as the physical and mental strength. Without it we wouldn’t be able to continue to push ourselves at the level we demand from ourselves.

Charlotte is based at Airborne Woodbridge and offers injury diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation alongside other treatments such as mobilisations and sports massage.


Pilates Teacher

Rosie has been with Airborne Fit since the early days and has always loved attending the classes as well as training with Luke in the gym. Rosie is a keen runner and is always proud to represent Airborne Fit when she competes in races.  

Rosie trained with Body Control Pilates and has been teaching for nearly three years.  Her training provided her with an extensive knowledge of mat work Pilates exercises.  Central to the training is the ability to teach clients to develop an awareness of their own body and establish good movement patterns which will enable them to grow a strong, stable body. By working on the deep muscles in the body core stability can be achieved and then maintained through increasingly complex movement sequences.  Body awareness is increased as Pilates teaches individual’s to be in control of their body, this in turn helps prevent injury, gain strength as well as the ability to clear the mind, relax and gain focus.  

Rosie finds that this awareness that arises from a regular Pilates class compliments all forms of exercise which is why she loves teaching a class at Airborne Fit.  Her classes will are aimed at people with a good level of fitness and awareness of their own body.  The classes develop core strength, awareness of alignment, promotion of good movement patterns, greater mobility and stability. 


Personal Trainer And Instructor 

Joe has been working in the Sport & Fitness Industry for over 8 years and it has been his passion his whole life.

Fitness has taken him worldwide for around 4 years of his career to countries such as Turkey and Spain, as well in the Middle East where he has delivered and managed Personal Training teams.

In his spare time he puts as much effort into his PT programming as possible to ensure that his clients are working towards and achieving their maximum potential.

Joe’s own training consists of Olympic Weightlifting which he has been doing for nearly a year and is thoroughly enjoying it! This type of training gives him the strength and explosive power he requires to be a semi-professional Footballer.

Joe hopes that his knowledge can help drive the team forward all the time. As well as giving people the foundations to be better, he is looking forward to the camaraderie of working with a successful team and hopes the knowledge they bring means that he is sure to learn more from them too.


Personal Trainer And Instructor 

Rosie has always loved life outdoors, adventure sports and travel. When she isn’t in the gym the first place to start looking would be the ocean.

She gained her fitness qualifications while living in Western Australia – where it went from being a hobby and a way to connect with people to a new perspective on life.
Rosie has worked in F45 which is THE gym to be at in Australia.

Rosie is passionate about inspiring others and believes challenging yourself every day is one of the most exciting ways to live.

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