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The Airborne Fit ethos is all about creating an environment which motivates, encourages and supports all of our members to achieve their fitness goals. This support is unconditional and everybody is welcome in the Airborne Fit family.

This approach works and is demonstrated every day by the achievements of our members. Every member of the Airborne Fit family matters and we deliver tailor made experiences for individual members to ensure they maximise their potential.

But don’t just take our word for it, read these testimonials from our members…..

I joined Airborne fit in May and have always found the staff  friendly, supportive and helpful. The gym is well equipped and the range of classes provided are designed to cater for all ages and abilities, From my experience, the classes are always well organised and welcoming. The inclusive team feeling is a real bonus, and the encouragement given from all the staff is exceptional

Jan Thomas.

I have been twice now to boxfit class and really enjoyed it. In fact after the 1st class I signed me and my partner up for a full class membership.
It’s a great family feel and everyone seems to help motivate each other. It’s all about technique and form which helps prevent injuries.

Rebecca Parry.

I heard about Airborne Fit through various friends who are very into their fitness.
I started out by coming along to the classes at Woodbridge on a Thursday evening, was a bit nervous, but everyone was very welcoming and so non judgemental which was very refreshing from other gym class experiences I have had. The class was brilliant -varied and upbeat with good motivation and support.

My journey continued with personal training with Luke, who not only tailor makes sessions based on fitness and ability but also focuses on personal aims and objectives. So relaxed and good humour helps! But with great direction, support and motivation.

I can honestly say that training for the London Marathon this year (2018) was the first marathon i have trained for (being my 10th) and not been injured. This is purely down to the additional strength work with both the Airborne Fit classes and the PT with Luke. The strength and conditioning variety has had a significant impact on my running.

One of the things I love about the Airborne Fit ethos is that whilst you are pushed to work hard it’s done with support, motivation and a ‘work at your own pace’ attitude. I also love the ‘form over speed’ mentality – thereby ensuring you are doing the exercise for maximum effect and result rather than just getting as many reps done.

Kate Wooldridge.

I’ve been a member of Airborne Fit since December 2017, although I first noticed it in 2016 via wall posters when I’d visit my physio. In late 2017 I’d committed myself to the 2018 London Marathon and started to engage with local personal trainers. Through this I started thinking more about gym work to supplement PT sessions and my overall running and, via social media (Facebook and Instagram), I started hearing more about Airborne, the classes, and the new gym that had just opened at Brightwell. I’ve never really got on with gyms because I’m quite introverted and didn’t have the right amount of ego, but when I visited Airborne at Brightwell something was different straight away. There are bigger gyms around certainly, but here was everything I needed, the environment was friendly, and Nicki who showed me around was so positive and friendly that I signed up the next day. I haven’t looked back from that and quickly my mentality moved from Marathon preparation to a lifestyle choice and embracing the fitter, faster, stronger ethos.

I initially had a gym only membership, but quickly upgraded to make use of the classes as well. I started attending yoga, which I’d never considered before, and this was really beneficial in terms of my general fitness particularly as a runner. This also gave me insight of the community at Airborne. I’d get to Yoga as a HIIT class was finishing and another was about to start, and the smiling, enthusiastic, worn out but happy masses said so much about what is so much more than a place that people go to work on their fitness. As Airborne continues to grow, different types of classes are starting, like Box Fit and strength and conditioning. I’m doing the latter and it is helping me physically and mentally, as well as providing a fun environment of support and banter.

The Airborne community also encourages me to be less introverted. I have this year taken part in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and Insane Terrain, and I will continue to be part of similar challenges in the future. Through this I have met some brilliant people, who all encourage each other to challenge their own limits, push themselves further each day, and to be fitter, faster, and stronger. I’ve never experienced anything like this, and I can’t say enough positive things. My own goals have changed, and I know that I will be fully supported in my pursuit of them by the team and community at Airborne.

To anyone who is thinking about joining Airborne I would encourage them to sign up straight away. Airborne is not just a gym or fitness brand, it is so much more. The supportive community is real, the feeling of family and belonging is real, the opportunity to take part in challenges you’d never think possible is real, helping you in your physical and mental goals is real, the fitter, faster, stronger ethos is real, and it’s all there for you to achieve and surpass your goals if you are prepared to put the work in. Oh, and the mint choc chip smoothie is awesome!


Dave Curtis.

I was recommended PT with Luke Read at Airborne Fit to start feeling better about myself, lose some weight and help to alleviate day to day stresses.

Fast forward to 20 months later – and not only am I over half a century in age – but I am feeling fitter and leaner than I ever have done before.

When I started out on my Airborne Fit journey; I would never have imagined that over the past few months I would have successfully ran the Woodbridge & Southwold 10K races, ran my first London half marathon, participated in the Wales 3000 & Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenges, completed the Insane Terrain & Suffolk Boss Hog challenges, together with numerous local runs.

All this would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of not only Luke Read, but all of the friendly Airborne Fit staff.  Through their regular weekly and varied classes, I have made friends to last a lifetime. The motivation of working out with like-minded people is second to none.

We all get one life – and each one of us deserves to live it to the full, so I’m looking forward to more challenges, events and good times ahead.

Thanks Airborne Fit.

Nick Ray

I can’t rate Airborne Fit highly enough. I have been attending the classes for nearly a year now and have recently started personal training with Luke. He has completely changed the way that I look at keeping fit, changing it from being a chore and not enjoyable at all to looking forward to sessions and missing them if I have to miss one. The classes are never the same twice which keeps it interesting for everyone involved which shows as no one seems to want to miss any, even though they may complain about the burpees!!! .

Thanks Luke.

Tara Jennings

I’ve been attending Luke’s classes on Monday mornings since December, I had lost motivation and piled on the pounds, and after looking at a picture of myself looking like I’d had a bad allergic reaction and ballooned up, I decided to get back into the gym. Luke has made each class different, mixing cardio and resistance training, and I love going. We are a group of mixed abilities that encourage each other and we have a laugh, I’m not on my own, I’ve made new friends too.
Thanks Luke………rgr that!!

Steven Todd

I have always understood the importance of exercise and fitness and 18 months ago I decided to increase my levels of physical activity to channel energy and stress. Although I saw some benefits from my exercising, I felt I needed something that would really challenge and push me. I had heard about the remarkable achievements of members of Airborne Fit and so I approached them. The reception I received was immediately warm and inviting and I was quickly put at ease. Following an assessment with Airborne Fit, I started a series of personal training sessions alongside circuit training classes, which really pushed me.

Almost immediately I started to see major benefits and felt that i was starting to achieve my goal of channeling my energy and stress into something entirely positive. Quite simply I am astonished at what i am now capable of, after only a year of being a member at Airborne Fit and I am genuinely intrigued to explore what I can go on to achieve. Through Airborne Fit I have found a genuine love for my exercise and I have never felt better physically. This new gained confidence in myself has worked wonders for my mental strength, which I will really test this year by taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge with Airborne Fit, during which we will ascend and descend the three highest peaks in Scotland – Ben Nevis, England – Scarfell Pike, and Wales – Snowdon; in less than 24 hours. Alongside this, I can say that the team at Airborne Fit can not do enough for their members and everyone is made to feel extremely welcomed and valued.

I would urge anyone looking to do something for themselves and make a real difference to their life to get involved with Airborne Fit. I simply can not imagine my life without exercise in it and I thank Airborne Fit for that.


Melissa Woulfe

Airborne is the place to be if you want to be worked hard and challenged to your limits. For over a year I’ve done a mix of all three classes and can honestly say no two are ever the same. Your body is always kept guessing; a great aspect of the class is if your injured Luke is more than happy to guide you with alternative exercises and also help you work on areas that are injured to strengthen them up.

Carolyn Leader

Absolutely love airborne fit and everything that comes with it! I feel amazing after every class! I have been going to airborne fit classes for nearly 2 years now and it’s totally changed my fitness level, strength, power, stamina and has helped me achieve what I wanted after having a baby!

It’s really sociable too, I have met some amazing people and we always have so much fun!
I Couldn’t ever be without my weekly airborne fix! Thanks to Luke for pushing me each week, supporting me and believing I can achieve my goals so much so I am doing the 3 peak challenge with Luke and some more of the team later in the year, something I would have never thought achievable.

Laura Aspinall

I’ve been training with Luke Read and his Airborne fit classes since he started and I have never felt fitter. I have also taken part in a few of the mud runners and the Three Peak Challenge, which I would never have thought I could do. It’s never too late to start, thanks Luke.

Simon Burman

I have just recently started these classes on a Saturday morning. It’s great and I’m already feeling the benefits. Such a great team of people to join in with and Luke is very helpful and friendly. I was very anxious before I started my first class but everyone made me feel very welcome – Thank you!

Vanessa Jane

Highly recommended class and personal training. The classes push you each time with lots of variety to keep you on your toes and physically challenged.
The Personal Training is first class. Luke is very attentive and ensures you are pushed in each session and doesn’t leave anywhere to hide, but couples this perfectly with support and motivation.
It is clear that his clients are very important to him and he arranges a lot of challenges throughout the year and is always very inclusive to all his clients in these events.

Bryan Allman

I first went along to Airborne Fit with a mate just to give it a go. What I found was Luke who is an enthusiastic and patient instructor and he welcomes people of all abilities. The classes are made up of a mixed friendly group of people. I have been taking part in Airborne fairly regularly for the last 6 months. There are classes available on weekdays too which is ideal for me as I do shift work. My fitness levels and strength have improved and continue to do so. I’d recommend it to anyone to come and have a go.

Mark Ellis

Fitness for me is about high intensity, variation, challenge and enjoyment. I have never found this in a gym, but through regularly attending Airborne Fit my renewed levels of fitness have enabled me to complete half marathons, triathlons and mud runs. Sessions are very intense and tough and are good fun with the team spirit that Luke has created. The sense of achievement felt when the body stops hurting far outweighs the early starts!

Stuart Moore

I can’t recommend Luke’s classes highly enough. I started training with Luke after the birth of my second baby. Within a few weeks, my fitness levels were back up and I felt motivated and buzzy again!! Airborne is a great team…everyone who takes part in the classes are friendly and welcoming and you feel a part of something. Luke makes each class different which means you never get bored and you definitely get a full body workout every time!

Anna King

I first heard of Airborne Fit whilst at  Martlesham Leisure and like many people my age never considered myself fit enough or strong enough to take part.

The more I learned about Luke and ABF however the more I understood that the classes were all inclusive, any age, any fitness level and you push yourself to your own ability.

The expanding team at ABF have devised some amazing classes that not only mix things up a bit but are all designed to cater for any fitness levels. There’s no minimum fitness threshold and nor do you win prizes for coming first.

Since then I’ve undertaken the National 3 peak challenge, the Yorkshire challenge, signed up to the Boss Hogg but above all have made some amazing friends too!

The more classes and adventures I attend as part of ABF, the more I realise that the only thing ever stopping me from achieving my goals was me and my own mindset, but Luke and the team help to redefine my boundaries by encouraging me and pushing me beyond my perceived limitations and I feel better now in my late 30’s than I did in my 20’s!

Each class challenges me but I feel amazing afterwards and whilst everyone at ABF has their own goal, it’s a collective journey!

The support and encouragement is always there from staff and members alike and is recommended anyone and everyone to give it a try.

Paul Rinder

My Airborne fit journey started with the first ever circuit class and I have never looked back. It was the best fitness decision I have ever made as I’m fitter, faster and stronger then I have ever been. I have various 10k runs under my belt including Woodbridge, Framlingham, Alton water, Southwold, not to mention obstacles runs such as Boss Hogg and insane terrain, none of which I would have been tempted by if it wasn’t for the passion and drive I have gotten from being part of the Airborne fit family especially the muddy runs!! I haven’t just benefited physically from being an Airborne member, I have also made so many great fitness friends who support me in everything I do, whether it’s in class encouraging me to do that last push up or getting up one of those hills in the Woodbridge 10k. 

Melanie Ash